How to Protect Yourself This Upcoming Snow Season

It feels like just yesterday we were giving tips on how to prevent injury during summer. Now, with winter quickly approaching, it only seems right for us to advise you how to protect yourself during this season, too. 

Throughout winter, many people suffer from different injuries. But to ensure you’re not spending your days cooped up, follow these tips for preventing injury this winter. 

Winter Driving

Being safe in the car is just as important as being safe on feet during the winter. As the season brings a spike in accidents, it’s crucial to drive slowly in safe weather. Watch out for advisories, use a four wheel drive when possible, and try to drive on salted and plowed roads. Failure to do so could lead to muscular injuries, neck or spine injuries and more.

Slipping and Falling

This is the most common source of injury in winter. Try to wear shoes and boots with ankle support and proper tread. Walk slowly and keep your arms free to stabilize yourself. Also, make sure to wipe off your shoes before entering a building to prevent slipping for yourself and others.

Snow Shoveling

Shoveling is often overlooked as a potentially dangerous winter activity. Avoid overextending yourself and be sure to pace yourself. Although it’s a necessary activity, try pushing the snow instead of lifting it to avoid tearing ligaments that are not warmed up or used to being worked. 

Snow Sports

Last, but certainly not least, snow sport injuries are all too common. Be sure to drink plenty of water and do proper warm up stretches. Tight and cold muscles do not lead to injury-free sessions. Always work out with a friend in case of an injury and be aware of any advisories on the road, news, or slope.

Liability accidents are too common—property owners and occupiers should take proper care to reduce accidents on their premises. Schedule a consultation today to learn more.