One of our practice areas at Mac Legal is product liability. The circumstances in which these
claims arise are endless, but the defenses are common. We have litigated cases involving
drugs, chemicals, paint, motorized and non-motorized aircraft, firearms, medical devices, food,
tools, door openers, food processors, recreational equipment, industrial equipment and
numerous other products.

Even small mistakes can lead to a product liability claim. Protect your company by following
these steps for risk management.

1. Have thorough product testing
Effective product testing is crucial to ensuring the safety of your product. Only through thorough
testing can you find defects that can protect yourself from a claim. Conduct valid research and
record the data for the future.

2. Manage suppliers
Just as you need to conduct thorough testing, you need to be aware of your supplier’s products
and procedures. We recommend legal contracts are put into place to hold suppliers financially
responsible for defects. Work with a qualified attorney to draft agreements and set the
relationship up for success.

3. Build for safety but provide warnings
Risks can mostly be mitigated during the design phase. Once safety has been made the priority
in the design phase and testing phase, product labels are the next step. By complying with
government and industry safety standards, labels, instructions, and warnings will help protect
you and your business. Schedule a regular safety review to ensure you are keeping up with the
latest standards.

4. Get product liability insurance
Product liability insurance is not mandatory but it is important to be covered. The insurance
covers the compensation for the individual injured by the product and legal fees. Consult with an
attorney for this type of insurance and to ensure you have the correct coverage for your product.

5. Keep records                                                                                                                                                                                                    It’s important to keep documentation of all phases of product creation. Preparing for product
liability claims isn’t pessimistic, it’s necessary. Keep product orders and procedures and

6. Allow for customer feedback
Looking at product liability, we can be hopefully that reviewing customer reviews and complaints
can lessen the chance of receiving a claim. By listening to customer reviews, it allows you to
improve your product before a defect comes to light.
With product liability as our specialty, we are prepared to help you with you and your business’s
product liability needs. Schedule a consultation and speak with an attorney today.